International Teacher Training   
Become a Kundalini Yoga Teacher 2015
LEVEL 1 - 13th September - 4th October
LEVEL 2 - 21st to 30th September 2015 

Within you is a seed—the call of the soul—answer it.
Deliver yourself to your highest destiny—become a Teacher—and serve the Aquarian Age with consciousness, love and grace.

Your LEVEL 1  journey begins here

You can truly deepen your own spiritual path by becoming a teacher and serving you community. To become a teacher is a powerful, uplifting and rewarding experience; to teach is to transcend the self and move beyond ego, giving yourself over to the teachings for the benefit of uplifting and empowering your students. We strive to provide each Teacher Training graduate with a strong foundation to teach with strength, knowledge and an open and compassionate heart.

All the information you require to learn about our comprehensive training program can be found here
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