We remain committed to promoting change by donating a considerable portion of the proceeds from our classes, workshops and sponsors to serve food to children in Khayelitsha. It’s GIVING that makes the world go ’round and its GIVING with LOVE that Saves the Day! This is the way we make the love grow!

If you would like to contribute to, or support Rosie’s kitchen, all donations are welcome through Paypal:

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350 children given 2 meals a day. $1 per meal.


25 Years ago Rosie and her sister Tandy started feeding the children in their community, not knowing where the food was going to come from.Today the kitchen feeds 450 people, mainly children! Their faith, courage and love for the community kept them going day in day out. When we met her in 2009, Rosie hadn’t had a day off in 25 years! In the last few years donations have become scarce. Many soup kitchens have closed or are barely hanging on. Often Rosie runs out of basic supplies like rice or gas for the stoves.

GuruRamDas Center started collecting donations of all sorts from yogis as well as donating percentages from various yoga workshops. Every month we contact Rosie and inquire as to what items are needed most. Whatever money we collect is spent on these needed items and delivered to the soup kitchen. Rosie never asks, she never calls and doesn’t accept money. Only after we call, will she humbly accept the food items given to the soup kitchen.